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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  August 9, 2013 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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. new leads, investigators getting ready to return to a bay area fair ground as they search for a missing oakland woman. the man they are now investigating in her disappearance. and up in smoke. an overnight fire in san francisco leaves a number of people with a little throws wear this morning. plus last-minute cramming under way this morning for hundreds of peninsula high school students, why they're taking ap tests in the middle of summer. right now let's give you a live look outside. how about somebody to play a little misty for me. classic eastwood movie in the '70s. this is something to get you started. this sawing 9 and it's "today in
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the bay." here with go. ladies and gentlemen, it is almost the weekend. it's 4:30. i'm jon kelley. >> i'm marla tellez in for laura garcia-cannon. meteorologist, christina loren, good morning to you. look at the miss in the san francisco. >> we actually have some showers in the north bay, way to kickoff a friday morning with some good air quality. i can tell you these showers aren't going to last all day, but certainly making an impact for your morning drive, you can see we're actually picking up the returns on the radar. what you can't see from the picture is the steady mist and driz that you'll find even in san jose this morning. give yourself a little extra time. you don't want to race out the front door. let's see how the highways are shaping up right now with anthony slaughter. >> you don't want to go racing? it's friday. let's have some fun. it's 4:31. not a whole lot of people on the
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road. we still have the overnight construction. this is continuing the go on for the past few months. traffic slows as you get around the bend on the bridge. no accidents and not a lot of folks on the road right now. so not too bad. 4:32, back to you. a developing story with a search for a woman now missing for five days has moved from oakland to vallejo. now authorities are questioning a person of interest. "today in the bay's" christie smith live at the solana county fairgrounds where search crews are expected in force in a few hours. >> reporter: that's right. search crews expected to be out about 8:00 this morning. solana county law enforcement already have vehicles out here staged and ready to go. investigators wouldn't say what led them to the fairgrounds to search for sandra coke. we can tell you there are major developments in the case of the oakland woman, a criminal defense investigator who was last seen on sunday. her family confirmed she was
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last seen hours after she spoke to an ex-boyfriend who apparently has a very long criminal history. police searching the fairgrounds and lake shah bow area. they will be using dogs in the search. randy elana is a person of interest in the case. he was arrested on a separate offense, a patrol violation. we have learned he is a high-risk sex or fender with a violent past including rape and kidnapping convictions. still through all this, coke's friends are hoping for the best. >> i'm not shocked by the way things are going. i'm just trying to stay hopeful. >> police say alana and coke actually dated more than 20 years ago and, again, have information that puts them together on the very day that she was reported missing. reporting live in solana county, christie smith, "today in the bay." new this morning, san
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francisco firefighters looking into the cause of a fire at a dry cleaning business overnight. this fire started at golden star laundry near the intersection of california street and 23rd avenue in the richmond district. firefighters say that business was heavily damaged, and right now it looks like a total loss. there are apartments located above the business. so far no word on any damage to those units and so far no injuries have been reported. in the south bay two men are behind bars this morning accused of leading sheriff's deputies on a wild chase through the streets of san jose. it ended with one suspect handcuffed on the roof of a restaurant. deputies say they spotted a stolen honda civic last night t. driver sped off leading deputies toward downtown. the stolen car lost control and crashed into an suv. the passenger was arrested. the driveer ran for the nearby beer restaurant.
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a police canine was able to track his scent to the roof of the restaurant where he was taken into custody. the owner of the civic says he's grateful to get his car back. >> i didn't have an expectation, but i had hope. i thank my higher power that it turned out the way it did. the suspects were arrested for driving and possessing a stolen vehicle and evading officers. the owners of a redwood city apartment complex that caught fire being taken to court. the hallmark house caught fire july 7, displacing 97 people. some people filing suit against the residents of the complex for lost belong innings. the company was also sued in march by two residents who claim they suffered carbon monoxide poisoning from a clogged wall heater. it is 4:35. the peninsula high school where
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students who had ap test scores invalidated will start retaking tests this morning. the first retake begins just before :00 a.m. at mills high school in millbrae. student test scores were invalidated after the testing service cited seating ig reg larts. student rallied last week demanding their test scores be reinstated. hundreds of test scores were invalidated by the ets. >> we'll stay positive on this one. let's say they're keeping hope alive. b.a.r.t. union negotiators meeting again trash to hash out the new contract. the union says if considerable progress is not made today, lit issue a 48-hour strike notice, meaning walkers could walk off the job again on monday morning. even if they do issue the strike notice, however, the governor can step in and order a 60-day cooling off period. that would keep trains rolling
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through october, allowing extended negotiated time. nbc bay area will be there to keep you updated on everything with the b.a.r.t. contract negotiations. we'll do that on air and online. if there is a strike on monday once again as we do every time we put this proposition on air, we will be on air a half hour early starting at 4:00 a.m. san francisco's famous fog made quite a trip for a virgin flight. passengers were forced to make an unexpected stop in san jose after the plane almost ran out of fuel. the flight was bound for sfo but fog delays kept them from landing. the plane didn't have enough fuel to circle. the plane was diverted to mineta. it ended last after 11:00 last night. >> stop in for a quick fuel up, windshield wipers, check the
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oil. christina loren is back to talk about -- we are on friday. that's good news. >> let's keep the good news rolling in this morning. we have showers on the radar, up in sonoma county for the most part, you might have to use your windshield wipers. if you're leaving right now and wearing something nice, bring the umbrella with you. we won't see this all day long. area of low pressure keeping us unsee snlbly cool. it's going to get a strong inland push as we head throughout the day. for us, we're also going to start to see it lift to the north. high pressure will build in. we're expecting a warmer afternoon even with showers on the radar to kickoff your friday. let's take a look at your wind speeds. they will play a factor, hold on to your steering wheel tight as you cross the bay area bridges. slick conditions, steady mist and drizzle: you couple that with these gusty winds, it can make for a dangerous condition. 78 degrees on the way to
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livermore yet again. 58 in san francisco. a cool and cloudy day. america's cup back at it, the finals. let's check your drive with anthony slaughter. >> as you were mentioning the mist and drizzle on the radar, we're seeing that on our cams as well,ism pending our view a little bit. you can see in oakland on 880 things are picking up just a bit. on our emeryville cam this is where you can see the drizzle, especially as it's coming down right now. eventually we will start to see things turn over to more of a dry pattern. today definitely looking at drizzle and mist. you can see the bay bridge approach not too bad, lanes wide open. 4:39. >> it is 4:39. it's a weekend that this guy is going to enjoy because you love music. >> i'm a fan. >> who major festivals happening in the bay area and we'll bring you a preview coming up. the massive fire burning in
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southern california still very rough, destroying more homes. we'll have the late ef efforts to try and contain all the flames. that's up next. the u.s. orders americans out of yemen overnight and evacuates its embassies in that country. what we're hearing this morning about the new terror threat. [ female announcer ] jump-start your day with mcdonald's dollar menu at breakfast. home of the irresistible sausage burrito. ♪
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good morning. you made it to friday. we take you live outside san francisco, traffic moving along the bay bridge certainly overcast there. some mist in the air as you get ready to head out the door bright and early. your time is 4:43. this morning a new terror threat is forcing the u.s. to evacuate all non-essential staff from its consulate in lahore, pakistan. these are photos of increased security at the gates of the consulate. so far no word on when it will reopen. the state department is also warning american citizens to stay out of pakistan. officials say the threat is not related to the one that caused america to temporarily close the other consulates last week. meantime, the u.s. is escalating its drone strike to yemen. yemeni officials say as many as 34 suspected al qaeda militants have been dmild less than two weeks. three drone strikes yesterday alone killed a dozen people.
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the u.s. and british embassies in yemen were evacuated on tuesday amid growing fierce of an al qaeda attack. secretary of state john kerry and u.s. defense secretary chuck hagel expected to meet with russian count parts today in quash wash. the two will sit down with russia's foreign minister and defense minister. they're expected to discuss a number of global and bilateral issues including, of course, russia granting an asylum to nsa leaker edward snowden. that meeting coming two days after president obama canceled a summit with russian president vladimir putin scheduled next month. major news for a lot of people closer to home. president obama expected to sign a brand new bill aimed at brynning down interest rates on federal student loans. it was painful for a lot of people. congress was able to finally hash out an agreement to bring the rates back down, at least
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that will be happening for now. the rates would be tied to financial markets, meaning they will most likely rise at least a little bit in the future. 4:45. get ready for round two. apple and samsung return to court today as they continue their patent battle. bertha coombs is live at cnbc world headquarters with details on that and the rest of your news before the bell. good morning, bertha. >> good morning, marla. it seems like a never-ending battle. the international trade commission is expected to rule on whether samsung infringed on apple patents. that could lead to the ban of the sale of some samsung smart phones and tablets in the u.s. last week the obama administration overturned a ruling saying apple violated samsung's pilots which would have halted sales of older model iphones and ipads. the future is pointing to a lower start. markets have been scooped much of the week by comments from fed officials who are saying the
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central bank could begin pulling back on its massive stimulus bond-buying program as soon as next month if the economy continues to hold up. the dow is poised for its first weekly drop in the last seven weeks, the dow rising 27 points yesterday to 15,948. the nasdaq was up 15 to 3,669. get set for back to school deals. shoppers have been holding back until now forcing stores to start offering discounts to get them to spend retail sales rose just 3.5% in july, the slowest pace since march. we'll get a better idea or should get a better idea of how the early back-to-school shopping season is going when walmart and macy's reports earnings next week. in a lot of states people are waiting for the tax-free holidays. >> those peachy folders can add up.
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thanks, bertha. bay area fire crews are in riverside county this morning helping me fight the massive fire known as the silver fire. right now the fire has burned more than 40,000 acres, that's an area about the size of sunnyvale. more than two dozen homes have been destroyed so far. firefighters are making progress. in this one the fire is about 20% contained. yesterday at this point it was zero percent contained, and it had burned about 6,000 acres. it's grown considerably. christina loren, you've had your eyes on this, watching it all summer long. >> when i went to bed it was 10% contained. so they are getting the upper hand. they'll see a little improvement in the weather today, also getting cooler weather. you've got all the equipment on, these firefighters. plus you're talking about triple-digit plus heat. palm springs area can get very hot. meanwhile, all month long, all august so far has been unseasonably cool.
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we'll keep the trend going for today. we'll ride it out throughout the weekend and finally seeing summer heat return as we get into next week. i want to start with this live picture. this, of course, our famous golden gate bridge. you can see the sheen on the roadway. not a lot of cars. you warrant to give yourself extra time. dangerous out there, slick conditions everywhere to king off your friday. 58 to start in livermore. 59 right here in san jose. here is our sfub born area of low pressure. what's going to happen is high pressure will start to build in from the four corners region. this will lift this guy up to the north. we'll wait for that. very slow process, probably by about tuesday to wednesday of next week, finally starting to see the seasonal averages. this morning we actually have showers on the radar. some of the wrap-around moisture coming the the bay area. as i zoom in, you can see santa rosa watch out for slick conditions along 101. all day long we'll see the cool ocean air pumping in again. talking 70s.
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typically we're closer to 90 degrees on average. in livermore 78 for you, 77 in concord and 58, a cool day shaping up in the city by the bay. temperatures will warm up by sunday. we'll be at 85 degrees. the real summer heat returns tuesday, wednesday and thursday of next week where we'll still be about 38 days until fall. we'll have your full forecast coming up. keeping track of the sthouhowerl morning long. tonight mission boulevard between warm springs and 880 will be closed for road work. this includes the north and southbound 880 connector ramps to mission boulevard. the work is part of the mission/warren area improvement project. the closure is expected to last through 7:00 tomorrow morning. if you hadn't had a chance to catch the america's cup fever, let us fill you in. luna rossa taking on sweden's
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art muss racing, competing in the best of seven series. luna rossa winning the first head-to-head battles. it needs two more wins to advance to the finals to take on the emirates new zealand squat. italy's team will be racing today and tomorrow. you can watch today's race right here on nbc bay area. all the action starting up at 1:00 sharp this afternoon. because of that, all your faithfuls out there be aware, "days of our lives," the classic, will be moving up an hour early, "steve harvey" and "ellen," also moval. if you're in the south bay, you can hit the streets of san jose. they'll be filled with plenty of music lovers this weekend. the 24th annual jazz fest kicks nauf the heart of downtown. the three-day festival features performances from big band to r&b to fusion. this year there will be a dozen
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indoor and outdoor venues within easy walking distance of each other. in all more than 100 acts will perform making this san jose's largest semi annual culturacult event. about 200,000 people are expected to converge on golden gate park for this weekend's outside lands festival. this is a big one. the three-day music festival kicks off today. nine inch nails and the red hot chili peppers will be performing. the headliner is sir paul mccartney. tickets are sold out. if you are planning to go, you will want to consider public transportation. it's going to be gridlock. >> that is a strong lineup. it will be worth it to get out and hear the legends. the 49ers looking at the silver lining after a preseason loss. we'll tell you how colin
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kaepernick did. >> got the guns pumping over there. also we'll tell you about the batting order change that may be key in the giants' push to get back into the play-off race. this morning keeping an eye on traffic. anthony slaughter in for mike inouye on this friday. we're talking late drizzle and mist showing up on the cameras this morning. we'll get you out the door on time. you're watching "today in the bay."
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welcome back. across the bridge, got some action as well. a little extra traffic around coliseum because football season is there. the raiders playing their first preseason game. >> the silver and black take on the cowboys tonight at 7:00. the game is blacked out in the bay area so you have to be there to actually see it. >> i guess you can listen on the radio. meantime, the 49ers got it going but lost their first preseason game. the broncos win it for the record 10-6. starter colin kaepernick looked pretty good. he looked solid in his short time on the field going 4 for 4 on his long drive which led to a field goal. not a lot of time to be making out with his biceps. tomorrow the team will hold its annual fanfest at candlestick park from noon to 4:00 p.m.
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more action in san francisco. fans getting a chance to see the team practice and hear a little live music. the gates open up at 10:00 a.m. >> kaepernick always looks good, if you know what i mean. the giants get pitcher ryan vogelsong back tonight, set to rejoin the pitching rotation against the orioles. he fractured his right pinky in may and has not played since. the game begins at 7:00 tonight. >> the giants need help. 4:56, anthony slaughter is on the roads, doing his magic. >> i thought you were going to stay speaking of help. it's friday. i'm ready for the weekend. let's take it outside. if you're headed on vacation, there are accidents we want to let you know about. this is 580 through the altamont past. this is eastbound but i wouldn't
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be surprised it if it's westbound. if you use the altamont pass, a heads-up, a two-vehicle accident blocking a couple lanes. also in oakland, approaching the lake merritt area, on 880 things are moving smoothly. this is where we have our overnight construction. you want to make sure as you approach the area that you take it easy. back over to you. >> take it easy. >> words to live by. it is a song. >> a good one, too. students at one well-regarded bay area school flagged for possibly cheating on the starr test. we'll tell you how many guns are now off the streets in one bay area neighborhood than.
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major developments in the case of a missing oakland woman, sandra coke. investigators now searching solana county. i'll tell you about this search plus a person of interest in the case and his criminal background. that story coming up.
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the trial against accused serial killer joseph naso entering a brand new phase this morning. >> 8th day of august now and we're seeing temperatures -- excuse me -- 9th day of august, that you wouldn't see until september. i'll let you know hutch longer these fall-like conditions will last of the we'll heat back up to summer norms coming up. i'm anthony slaughter in for mike inouye this morning. we have drizzle outside. you want to allow a little extra time on this friday night. >> we take you where it's friday night right now at the golden gate bridge, a few cars making their way into san francisco on this friday, august 9th. this is "today in the bay." for the record, i want to make it clear you can never say friday enough. >> your favorite word. >> yes,


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